Competition rules are as follows:-


1/ Get lots of XP

2/ No sleeping 

3/ No working (exception will be made, supported by visual evidence, if the repo-man carded you and took your car, house reposession order etc.)

4/ If you need to have a wee or poop, please use the buckets provided in the Grand Exchange

5/ Leave your front door wide open to allow access for the Pizza Guy

6/ Send all family members to Mordor or the Delta Quadrant

7/ Make sure your Netflix and Amazon Prime subs are paid and up to date

8/ Get even more XP


We no longer use our Runeclan page for tracking due to traffic problems on weekends like these. We now use the tracker provided by Crystal Math Labs.

THE TRACKER CAN BE VIEWED BY CLICKING HERE OR ON THE LINK PROVIDED ON OUR NOTICEBOARD ON THE FRONT PAGE. Additional links will be posted on discord and our facebook page.



1st Place for most gross XP  - BRAGGING RIGHTS!!

1st Place for most XP nett(minus Invention and Summoning) -  2 Bonds

 Although this is inclusive of everybody the prize is aimed at newer accounts - members and guests - to give them something to go for and would include, for example, players under 2500 total level, IMA, HCIM. Players who haven't used an account for months, brand new accounts, RAF etc will not be considered


It's all pretty straightforward but if you think of anything we missed, please let us know in CC.

Hope you have a great week-end and hit all of your goals or just have fun trying!


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em